Welcome to Govcamp23 London at the Ministry of Justice


#govcamp23 on Mastodon, Twitter, etc.

1700 Friday 20 January 2023: 

0900 Saturday 21 January 2023: 

  • Ministry of Justice, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ.
  • View it on Google Maps or Open Street Map.
  • Ticketed entry only.
  • Photo ID required. 
  • 0900 Doors.
  • 1000 Start.
  • 1700 Pub. 
  • 2300 Close.

Why it’s £ free

  • Because sponsors, who are awesome.
  • They pay for food, drinks, creche, bursaries and more.
  • Leftover £ goes to our grant fund which you can apply to.
  • Get up to £1000 to fund your next event, because sponsors. 
  • View all our sponsors via ukgovcamp.com/sponsors.

UKGovCamp Sponsors

What happens on Friday

1700 to 2300 optional pub meetup.

What happens on Saturday

0900 door open. 

  • Have your photo ID ready. 
  • Get a lanyard and badge. 
  • The badge entitles you to free food and drinks.
  • Keep your badge.

1000 we explain how the day works, then start the pitching:

  • British Sign Language interpreters available.
  • Govcamps are led by you. 
  • You pitch and decide what gets discussed.
  • Queue up and pitch your topic for discussion. 
  • The best topic is a simple, open question. 
  • Read more on our pitching blog post from #ukgcx in 2017
  • We still do pitching the same way as in 2017.
  • It’s totally normal to feel nervous about pitching.
  • Volunteers can buddy with you for moral support.
  • They can stand with you when you pitch.
  • They can also read out your pitch for you. 
  • Once pitching is done, we create the ‘grid’.
  • The grid shows where and when each session is.
  • It’ll also be available online via j.mp/ukgovcamp.

1100 the sessions start:

  • 45 minutes long each.
  • Minimum 15 minute break between sessions. 
  • 2 sessions in the morning.
  • 3 in the afternoon. 
  • If you’ve pitched a session, get to your room on time. 
  • Volunteers attend each session to type notes. 
  • We ask for attendees to keep the conversation going after Govcamp23.
  • Their details will be added to the session notes.
  • Session notes are publicly available on internet.
  • After the event we’ll share them with everyone who signed up.

1245 free lunch. 

1345 sessions resume.

1645 closing ceremony.

1700 pub.

  • Free food and drinks.
  • Remember your badge!

Health and safety at Govcamp London

  • Face masks are available when you enter the building.
  • Please wear one.
  • Use the courtyard if you prefer natural ventilation.
  • The courtyard has a covered area.
  • Umbrellas will be available.

See our separate Health Statement for more detail.


  • Space for 15 children.
  • You must register in advance of the event.
  • We can’t register your child(ren) for you. 
  • We use NipperBout. 
  • You must bring: 
    • a pack lunch for your child(ren).
    • outdoor clothes for your child(ren). 

Live (micro) blogging

  • We use Mastodon, Twitter and Google Docs.
  • Google Docs is used for note taking in each session.
  • People will take photos and record videos.
  • We’ll point these people out at the start of the day.
  • Wear an orange lanyard if you prefer not to be published. 
  • They’re available from reception.

#govcamp23 spam

  • Our event hashtags sometimes get spammed. 
  • Therefore each session can have dedicated hashtag.
  • #govcamp23s_r_.
  • s_ = session_
  • r_ = room _
  • eg #govcamp23s1r1 =  session 1, room 1.
  • Volunteers are in each session to help you.

Twitter list

Swap shop

  • Bring stickers and books you’d like to swap.
  • Swap shop is by room 1 on the lower ground floor.

Quiet space

  • Govcamp can be overwhelming.
  • We have dedicated quiet spaces.
  • Ask a volunteer to point them out.

Prayer Room

  • Ministry of Justice has a dedicated Prayer Room.
  • Ask a volunteer to give you access.

Carbon offsetting

  • Plant a tree in the Scottish highlands.
  • £6 each or make a general donation.
  • Visit our grove at Trees for Life

Saturday evening

  • Pub runs from 1700 to 2300.
  • Some drinks and food are sponsored.
  • First come first served basis.
  • Buy your own once the tab runs out.

Sunday and beyond

  • Your brain will probably be buzzing after the event.
  • Take the time to rest up, pause and reflect on your experience.
  • Please share your experiences of the day.
  • Use the #govcamp23 hashtag.
  • Keep the conversation going!

We’ll ask for volunteers in each session to keep the conversation going after Govcamp23.

Volunteer’s contact details will be added to the session notes. They are publicly available on internet. After the event, we’ll share them with everyone who signed up.