Email alerts and newsletters – done well – have massive potential to increase take-up, boost online campaigns and support ongoing digital engagement. You can build all the social media communities you like, but chances are, its the weekly email roundup, pinging into thousands of inboxes, that reminds people just how great they are.

MailCamp 2011 was a great show+tell event where we shared experiences of:

  • what makes effective email newsletters
  • how best to keep people coming back through email alerting
  • using email to support communities & events
  • the strategy and content side of crafting great emails
  • the technical side of email deliverability, design, spam, and legal traps

But we didn’t talk about:

  • achieving inbox zero
  • the other stuff we talk about Govcamps, e.g. data and Twitter (except where these relate to email)

MailCamp is back for 2012, with a new home at the National Audit Office but hopefully the same great line-up of stories and questions. A big chunk of the session will be show+tell, so we hear not just the amazing case studies, but also tales from around the room about the brick walls and barriers to using email well, so you can see if others can help out with good ideas.

Location: National Audit Office, 157-197 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9SP (nearest station: Victoria)