What UKGovcamp is

UKGovCamp 2023
  • Govcamps are:

    • free to attend
    • focused on attendee participation
    • relentlessly positive, constructive and creative
  • The rules are:

    • have fun
    • move to where you can make a difference
    • let everyone speak
    • follow our code of conduct
  • On the day:

    After a quick introduction from the organisers, anyone can pitch a session. This is how we create the session grid (the agenda). You can view all the sessions online.


(in alphabetical order)

  • Vanessa Montgomery Williams


    Long time sponsor whisperer, inclusion champion and lover of all things unconference and UKGovcamp since her first introduction (via dxw) in 2014.

    Now residing in the Isle of Man but still supporting from afar.

  • Victoria Chapman

    Victoria works in Digital and Data in Local Government and is based in the wonderful North West.

    Supporter of unconferences.

    Committed to doing her bit to improve Local Gov and Gov Services.

  • Shanaz Begum

    Shanaz is Strategy Lead in Transformation Group of HMRC. She’s passionate about driving tangible service improvements for end users and aligning delivery with the big picture.

    Shanaz is eager to contribute her part for better community impact.

  • Mark Buttanshaw


    I work in the Organisational Effectiveness team in the Ministry of Justice.

    Interested in what makes people and organisations tick, and how to work more collaboratively and inclusively.

  • Imran Hussain


    Imran is a community consultant with over 10 years experience building communities across different sectors. He believes communities can be a force for good in society and loves working with communities that have a positive impact on public life.

    He is currently a Community Designer at Government Digital Service, a department in the UK Government. He works on creating the right conditions for a community to thrive around the ever-popular GOV.UK Design System.

  • Ert Erol


    Product Lead at the Government Digital Service, via AND Digital, Kainos, dxw and BBC World. 

    Product, dogs & LOTR, Eurovision.

  • David Durant


    GDS, GLA and Hackney Council digital teams. Co-organiser of One Team Gov. Interested in helping public servants collaborate better and how to document and share best policy and operational practice around the world.

  • David Buck


    Working in Defra. Government romantic and lover of tea.

Organisers having a year or 2 off

  • Amanda Smith


    Leslie Knope / Director of Public Digital. Data, digital, design, communities & open culture. 

    I’m passionate about building an open, fair and inclusive future. I believe you should sprinkle happiness, kindness and glitter over most things.

  • Ian Graham


    After 10 years working in Local Gov, and private sector before that, Ian has been  freelance for the last 7 years, working with cities and the public sector in the UK and across Europe to tackle social challenges and create positive change.

  • Coco Chan


    I joined Local Government in 2016 through the NGDP graduate scheme ngdp.org.uk and have never looked back. Currently Delivery Manager at Publica Group, based in the glorious Cotswolds countryside.