What is UKGovcamp?

UKGovcamp14 #UKGC14 - short film by Graham Higgins
  • Govcamps are:

    • free to attend
    • focused on attendee participation
    • relentlessly positive, constructive and creative
  • The rules are:

    • have fun
    • vote with your feet
    • let everyone speak
    • follow our code of conduct
  • On the day:

    After a quick introduction from the organisers, anyone can pitch a session. This is how we create the session grid (the agenda). You can view all the sessions online.


  • James Arthur Cattell

    @jaCattell | http://cattell.com/

    Attended my 1st UKGovCamp in 2011 when I was working in Birmingham City Council. The following year I created the online session grid at j.mp/ukgovcamp and have kept it updated since. Since 2013 I’ve volunteered and have been a lead organiser for the last couple of years.

  • Vanessa Williams


    Works at dxw (who kindly donate my time for helping find more sponsorship for Govcamp).

    Plays at acting and singing. Positive thinker and grateful just to be here. 

  • David Buck


    Working in Defra Data Transformation Programme @OpenDefra. Government romantic and lover of tea.

  • David Durant


    Work for the Government Digital Service as a Business Analyst. Spent years hanging around the edges of Young Rewired State, mySociety, the Open Rights Group, Citizen Beta et al. Interested in data (especially personal data stores), kids learning code, better democratic participation using digital and the impact on everything of ‘conversation UI’ (Amazon Alexa, Google Now, etc).
  • Glyn R Jones


    Freelance consultancy, often on using technology to share knowledge effectively and manage information well.  

    Keen supporter of UKGovCamp, Open Data Camp and Tea Camp London. Open by default.

  • Hugh Wells


    Freelance developer and pentester tweeting into oblivion | PHP, Node.JS, JS/JQuery, Java

  • Janet Hughes


    I like making things work better for people. Used to be part of @gdsteam, now taking a break while I work out what’s next. Bold, open, positive.