What is UKGovcamp?

UKGovcamp14 #UKGC14 - short film by Graham Higgins
  • Govcamps are:

    • free to attend
    • focused on attendee participation
    • relentlessly positive, constructive and creative
  • The rules are:

    • have fun
    • move to where you can make a difference
    • let everyone speak
    • follow our code of conduct
  • On the day:

    After a quick introduction from the organisers, anyone can pitch a session. This is how we create the session grid (the agenda). You can view all the sessions online.


  • Vanessa Williams


    Works at dxw (who kindly donate my time for helping find more sponsorship for Govcamp).

    Plays at acting and singing. Positive thinker and grateful just to be here. 

  • Amanda Smith


    I work at the Ministry of Justice where I lead the User Centred Policy Design team.

    I’m passionate about building an open, fair and inclusive future. I believe you should sprinkle happiness, kindness and glitter over most things.

  • David Buck


    Working in Defra. Government romantic and lover of tea.

  • David Durant


    Working as a Senior Delivery Manager at Hackney Council. Previously a Senior Business Analyst in the Greater London Authority Digital team and before that four years at the Government Digital Service. Hangs out at Citizen Beta. Interested in fixing gov and increasing democratic participation.

  • Hugh Wells


    Freelance Software Engineer and Royal Holloway Student

  • Coco Chan


    I joined Local Government in 2016 through the NGDP graduate scheme ngdp.org.uk and have never looked back. Currently Delivery Manager at Publica Group, based in the glorious Cotswolds countryside.