Having seed funding from UKGovcamp can help you get sponsorship from other organisations. You can apply if you have an idea for an event or project that doesn’t have existing funding and is:

  • for people in (or interested in) the UK public sector
  • broadly about transparency, engagement, service delivery or collaboration involving technology (think: websites, social media, data, email, mobile etc)
  • run on a not-for-profit basis; usually free to participants
  • open to anyone on a 1st come, 1st serve basis, usually via an open ticketing system

Some examples of applications we’d consider are:

  • a weekend localgovcamp in your area with free pizza
  • a get together for people who are new to this stuff to run a pecha kucha evening but need some cash towards venue hire

You can bid for anything up to £500. Our grant fund lasts until the money runs out. Its topped in January with surplus sponsorship money from the main UKGovcamp event.

We won’t run the event for you, but if successful you’ll get some money and promotion from us. If you have to cancel your event, then send the money back by bank transfer or cheque to ‘UKGovcamp’

If you’ve not 100% sure about your idea, then email the organisers and let us know what you’re thinking. There’s no harm in asking.