A self organised unconference for people who work in and around government in islands, wherever they may be (including the big one with Cardiff, Edinburgh, and London on it); and for anyone with connections to islands, however tenuous. Also, an opportunity for visitors to Orkney to see puffins!

As people who choose to attend in person from outside Orkney will have a bit of travelling to do (!), the event will run from lunchtime on Saturday to lunchtime on Sunday. The organisers will be available the previous day, for orientation and to facilitate further (in-person) discussion about potential GovCamp sessions.

Remote attendance will be available for those (for any reason) unable to travel that weekend: no-one knows better than islanders the frustration of hearing of a brilliant event, and not being able to afford the time (or money) to get there: if only all events were livestreamed like (it is aimed that) this one will be!!

The agenda will be defined by attendees, using this online resource: http://islandgovcamp2012.ideascale.com

For full details of the event, see: http://islandgovcamp.eventbrite.co.uk (and the links in the description there)