• Applicant: Steph Gray
  • Date & further details: 9 May 2013, NAO in London http://mailcamp.govcamp.helpful.im
  • Funding provided: £750 [Pizzas (c£200), catering at NAO (c£200), nibbles (c£150) and Lloyd Davis (c£200)]

MailCamp is a free show & tell event for people interested in how to use email marketing and alerts to engage their audiences.

MailCamp is a practical event of short talks mainly for and by public and charity sector folk, where we share experiences of:

  • what makes effective email newsletters
  • turning lazy marketing blurb into crisp, useful copy
  • how best to keep people coming back through email alerting
  • using email to support communities & events
  • the strategy side of crafting great emails
  • the technical side of email deliverability, design, spam, and legal traps

A big chunk of the session will be show+tell followed up with some Q&A, so we hear not just the amazing case studies, but also tales from around the room about the barriers to using email well, so you can see if others can help out with good ideas.