• Applicant: Antony Carpen
  • Funding agreed: £250

Purpose: To kickstart a programme to change the culture in Cambridge to make it a city greater than the sum of its parts – with all things public sector digital being a central component to it.

Format: Think #UKGovCamp but in Cambridge with a theme of “How can we work together to make Cambridge a city greater than the sum of its parts?” – showcasing who is doing what with digital & encouraging a large number of people en masse to start using digital for local democracy and community action.

Intended audience: Cambridge and surrounding areas geographically, along with ‘outside experts’ (ie people from the GovCamp scene) to be catalysts to get things moving in Cambridge. We’re targeting a combination of community groups, Cambridge’s high-tech businesses, and young people mainly in further education or post-graduate work.

Cambridge as a city/community is made up of a series of silos that tend not to mix. (Town/gown etc). Cambridge has a lot to offer but the way we do things is preventing us reaching our potential. We need an external challenge and something at scale to kick things off. Hence ‘Change Cambridge’