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UKGovCamp is sponsoring UK Health Camp 2017

Below is the text of a successful grant application.

Description: UK Health Camp is a free unconference for everyone interested in digital, design, technology and data for health and care. You can find information on our website:

We ran successfully in 2015, this will be our second run. We expect around 150 attendees.

We are taking huge inspiration from GovCamp. In this context, inspiration means ~stealing~ borrowing the format, sponsorship and marketing copy, and many other ideas.

How much they want: £1,000 or as near an offer as you feel appropriate…

What they would use the funding for: We’ve raised £3,500 in sponsorship commitments so far, our total event budget is around £8,000. That goes on venue, lunch, coffee, photography, t-shirts and some change on stationary / stickers / emergencies etc. We have spreadsheets if you’re into details.

About them: The event is run by volunteers who work in or around the health system and want to make it better. The organisers are @thatdavidmiller@puntofisso@DeckOfPandas@VeeWilliams_, and @mattstibbs.