Dear UKGovcamp Community


We have been approached by the Mail on Sunday who are considering running a story about UKGovcamp 2021. 


Whilst we welcome open debate we are disappointed that one of the UKGovcamp Organisers appears, in the message we have received, to have been singled out. All the organisers are responsible for UKGovcamp and, as with as many people from across the UKGovcamp community, we stand beside each other.  


We have been invited to return a statement to the Mail on Sunday and this is what we have sent.

UKGovcamp Statement


UKGovcamp is an annual unconference run by a small group of volunteers from across UK society. This year it was held online. 


UKGovcamp is not affiliated with the UK Government or the UK Civil Service.


People who come to UKGovcamp come from all over the world. The unconference agenda is set by the people who turn up. UKGovcamp Organisers do not set the agenda. 


UKGovcamp aims to provide attendees with a safe space to enable open conversations about topics that can be hard. We have a Code of Conduct that all attendees are bound by that gives people the safe space (either physical or on-line) to hold frank, open and supportive discussions. 


The ‘session grid’ contains most sessions and links to session notes taken during the session by a volunteer. Some sessions do not have notes taken, or are not on the grid. The grid has not been modified since January and the notes remain available to UKGovcamp 2021 attendees.  


More details on UKGovcamp: