James Arthur Cattell has successfully applied to the UKGovcamp grant fund and will receive £500. Below is their application:

Name of applicant: James Arthur Cattell 

Description of the event: Community (manager’s) unconference

How much funding are you looking for? £500

What do you expect the funding will be used for? Venue hire and catering. Purpose is to network with fellow attendees and discuss topics relevant to the event. Format will by unconference and you can attend online or in-person. The event’s for anyone involved or interested in community building and management.

Finally, please tell us a bit about yourself, what you do, and your interest in running this event: I’m a serial unconference organiser and community manager. I freelance in both these areas and also jobshare in the UK Civil Service as a delivery manager. My interest in running an unconference for community managers is because this type of event doesn’t exist, yet.