We aim to get people together for two days to discuss opportunities and challenges to implementing digital and social media within health and social care. We aim to host 256 delegates, in Leeds, 29th and 30th June

Day 1 is a conference with presentations and workshops that should appeal to the traditional stakeholders and power brokers in health and social care- but we’re using the afternooon to host some open space time to identify the challenges and opportunities we can see based on the presentations and our own knowledge.

Day 2 is when we start to hack the solutions, in a peer-to-peer format. We will then agree to take forward the results of the day into incubation by startups, social enterprises, or the preferred formats of the participants within statutory agencies, and continue the iterations until we’ve cracked it.

We aim to live stream the event and archive it with other content we are developing as a MOOC for healthcare, for the benefit of the wider health community. It will therefore act as a model for introducing the ideas behind Hackdays and peer-to-peer working within health and social care-sectors which have not been early adopters of these innovative ways of solving issues.