• Applicant: Matt Jukes (@jukesie)
  • Dates & further info: TBC
  • Funding agreed: £300

The format of the event will be loosely based on #opentech – except with a single stream. There will be 4 sessions throughout the day – each with 2 speakers and some time for Q&A with each session having a different ‘chair’.

The Brewery Theatre has been provisionally booked so it will be quite formal for the talks but with plenty of room for people to gather and chat in the studio area. It has a capacity of 90 people so would allow last years Gov:West a chance to grow.

A mix of gov, charity and social enterprise speakers will be invited including people from Bristol CC (including hopefully the Mayor doing an intro), GDS, the Environment Agency, the ODI, Futuregov, the ONS, Deki (a UK Kiva.org), Monmouthshire CC and the Nominet Trust.

Oh it will 95% likely be free – but maybe a fiver on the door like #opentech