• Applicant: Tim Wilson
  • Funding agreed: £500

#Gallerycamp14 is ‘THE’ annual unconference for people in the arts/cultural sector interested in discussing the future role of digital & technology, creativity & people-led innovation.

The event explicitly benefits the future of publicly run arts/cultural organisations including galleries, museums, producers, artists & curators. Last year’s Gallerycamp planted the seeds of many new collaborations, programmes & interventions, including the conversation with Debbie Cooper to bring #Gallerycamp14 to QUAD in Derby.

The event builds on the legacy of last year’s successful first #Gallerycamp13 at The New Art Gallery Walsall and the follow up event Gallerycamp: Let’s Make Stuff at Birmingham City University.

Building on the momentum of #Gallerycamp13, we’re raising the bar to enable a more “hands on” event with the unconference and a new fringe (demonstrations, activities, dialogues and workshops)

Holding the event at QUAD in Derby with its many facilities is the perfect venue to put these activities in motion.

#Gallerycamp14 is a unique opportunity to help public sector run arts and cultural organisations embrace new ideas, be more competitive, extend their reach and engagement, improve and deploy innovative products/services and forge new working

Underpinning the unconference’s approach to #Gallerycamp14 is the “transforming impact of digital technology” (GA4E, Arts Council England), the societal benefits to participants and the growth of the creative economy. Gallerycamp is an ongoing platform for people to discuss/demonstrate creative ideas with a wider (enabling) context of digital/technological opportunity.

For the unconference, as it is an open space event, there is no planned agenda for the event, so anyone can pitch a session, but we will invite relevant people who have led or delivered projects or programmes with an emphasis on digital, creativity and innovation. This include representatives from publicly run arts and cultural organisations, local authority reps as well as artists, designers, producers, technologists and curators.

We want Gallerycamp2014 to be an opportunity for anyone to pitch their ideas for sessions as part of the unconference, and the nature of what they pitch about can include artistic activities (albeit within the confines and limits of the spaces we have available on the day).

This year, we want to also create a Gallerycamp fringe, a curated element to enable arts/cultural reps to think about the role of digital in their business, activities, engagement and curation.

QUAD’s strong mix of facilities and space enables us to be able to bring strategists, producers and artists to the event to showcase in a variety of forms: dialogue/debate, some workshops and demos, tinkering/playing with stuff to showing films in the cinema space.

Gallerycamp14 is open to anyone interested in the role of digital/tech in the arts/cultural sectors but we’re focussing heavily on public sector run organisations and those that work with them and anticipate creatives/artists/officers, managers/directors/leaders, digital/techies together to debate/discuss & get hands-on to broker collaborations and share ideas.

To ensure ‘legacy’, we are:

  1. approaching experts/leaders to attend (influencing strategy, demonstrating great ideas, enabling future collaborations).
  2. building an online community/group before/during/after Gallerycamp14 via social media & creating a Tumblr blog (guest blogs/dialogue).
  3. Gallerycamp14 will discuss ‘public’ + digital ways of enticing audiences:
    • programming to get the public closer to art (especially younger/older generations)
    • sharing art, enabling access for those unable to reach venues
    • open data/IP/privacy etc
    • digital opportunities for arts into health
    • breaking down barriers to increase inclusion (reducing intimidation of physical spaces)
    • increasing 24/7 access, two-way engagement
    • creating positive impressions.

More details: http:/www.gallerycamp.co.uk or @gallerycamp

Tickets available from: http://gallerycamp14.eventbrite.co.uk/