• Applicant: Matt Edgar
  • Funding agreed: £250

Leeds Service Jam 2015 is part of the Global Service Jam – 48 hours of experimentation, collaboration and learning while having fun at the same time.

Teams gather on Friday evening to discover a global theme, which is kept secret until jams all over the world have seen it. They work together through the weekend to design and prototype new services inspired by the theme. At 3pm on Sunday everyone shows what they’ve made and shares their work online with a Creative Commons License.

It’s open to the whole community of Leeds, designing services better, working together and trying out different service design approaches, and is the sister event of Leeds GovJam (9-11 June 2015). It’s not a digital event as such, but the services people make almost always have a big digital component.

Up to 50 jammers will take part. We provide the venue, materials and service design resources for inspiration.

For more, please see https://gsjleeds.wordpress.com/
and http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/leeds-service-jam-2015-tickets-15484005076