Information for the UKGovcamp 2019 ticket lottery, for UKGovcamp 2019 #ukgc19 which is going to be held on the 19th of January in Central London,  and the David Pearson memorial award.

Lottery closes at 23:59pm on the 1st of November.

Hello folks,

With summer a distant memory and the colours of Autumn beginning to flourish it’s that time of year again when we start gearing up for UKGovcamp. UKGovcamp 2019 will be held on the 19th of January in Central London.

Like previous Govcamps, we are holding a ticket lottery – have a read of last years lottery  to see what happened.

This year we are also asking for your help. Earlier on this year, our dear friend David Pearson, a huge supporter of UKGovcamp passed away.

He volunteered his time to UKGovcamp and many other unconferences, taking memorable pictures and documenting our shared digital history.

We’d like to honour him, with creating an award for “outstanding content”, in remembering his work as web content manager at Defra.  If you’d like to help us in doing this, please let us know on your lottery ticket entry.

If you’d like a chance of attending UKGovcamp 2019 please fill out your details in the UKGovcamp 2019 lottery entry form.

The lottery closes at 23:59pm on the 1st of November.

Good luck!




  1. Comment from Matt Stibbs

    Happy to support the creation of the award

  2. Comment from Gerri Clement

    I worked with David at Defra. He photoshopped me into the UkGovCamp18 photo as I was in the loo when the main shot was taken! I support the idea of this award. Let me know if you need funds to help this get up and running.

  3. Comment from Doug Knox

    David was a friendly and welcoming face on my visits to 4th floor in Nobel House.
    Like Gerri he also photoshopped me into that #UKgc18 photo of us folk in Defra Group as I was elsewhere when it was taken.
    Happy to help if I can in any way.


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