NHS Hack Day

NHS Hack Day

Description of the event: NHS Hack Day is a 2-day weekend hack event for geeks who love the the NHS, with the aim of “Making NHS IT less bad”

NHS Hack Day attracts a broad range of attendees and works best when we have a mixture of clinical / frontline NHS staff, and developers / technologists both from within and from outside the health sector.

We run the event as a 2-day hackathon; it is free for attendees, and we provide lunch on both days.

You can view some of the previous outputs from previous events on the website http://nhshackday.com/

How much funding: £500

Funding will be used for: We cover the majority of funding through sponsorship however there is always a need to seed the event at the start whilst we’re generating interest. The grant would be put towards securing the venue, catering, and other items which require early booking.

About the applicant: [Matthew Stibbs is] a product person currently working for NHS Digital solving problems for the urgent & emergency sector either by using tech, or by stopping people from using tech! I’ve been a regular NHS Hack Day attendee, and have helped run some more recent events. I am on the organising team for NHSHD #21. NHS Hack Day is genuinely a breath of fresh air, and I never cease to be amazed at what a team of random techies and clinicians can produce in 1.5 days over a weekend (I’m talking full A&E predictive models using machine learning and other clever data stuff).