Global Gov Jam

Global Gov Jam

Leeds Gov Jam have successfully applied to the UKGovCamp grant fund and will receive £500. Below is their application:

Name of applicant: Ewan Muirhead

Description of the event: Gov Jam is the larger of the two annual Service Jams which we run in Leeds as part of the Global Service Jam events, so our costs are greater in October than they were in March (so any help is much appreciated!). The Jams are a great way to learn about Service Design for anyone in public facing services who may want to better understand how they can design and run services that maximise benefits for service users. The format broadly takes in a range of service design tools over two days, tackling a global secret theme designed to get creative juices flowing and there will be opportunity for participants to video conference and check in on twitter with other Jammers all over the world. Gov Jam is aimed more at those working in the public sector but open to anyone including students and charity/social housing worker.

How much funding are you looking for? £500

What do you expect the funding will be used for? Marketing, delegate materials and refreshment costs

Finally, please tell us a bit about yourself, what you do, and your interest in running this event: I helped run Service Jam in March (with help from you via a grant!) and we have now committed to run Gov Jam as well in October – we are a relatively new team of volunteers who found organising our first Jam enthralling and challenging but now feel we have the reigns and can’t wait to welcome a new batch of first time/enthusiastic learner Service Jammers! Personally I love jamming and am in the early stages of learning and applying service design (mostly with small charities/social enterprises) so am keen to develop my skills and meet more like minded folk who want to help others design better services for people who need them most!